A series of courses, events and resources to help real people free themselves from chronic pain, stress or other restrictive health issues.

Mindful Medicine

Are you being worn down by chronic pain, fatigue or anxiety?
Could the side effects from prescription medicines be ruining your quality of life?
Are you afraid that you’ll never be well again?

There is hope: reduce pain, relieve depression and anxiety, recover from chronic illness and enjoy your days again – by using mindfulness. It sounds almost too good to be true, but long-ranging scientific studies back up this approach. You can learn how to flourish – improve your focus, clarity, compassion and creativity – with mindful medicine.

Stop trying to ‘fix’ everything

The secret to Mindful Medicine is learning how to stop struggling. With a different approach to looking after yourself, we help you understand what is happening, how you can stop worrying and take charge of your own life.

Plan for a better life

Our range of plans are designed to help you get your life back. These bring together a wealth of peer-reviewed scientific research and experience and involve simple exercises, webinars, online courses, and live events.

Book a personal consultation or arrange to hear a keynote speaker and find out more about how Mindful Medicine can work for you.

Our Approach

Focussing on people not labels