mindful pain management

Take mindful control

You might be suffering a chronic condition, with constant pain in spite of prescribed drugs. Pain is stressful, leading to insomnia or depression, and you may feel that your whole life revolves around your condition.

Tackling pain and stress – our approach

As more and more research tells us, pain isn't just a physical symptom – your, thoughts and beliefs affect your perception of pain too. The physical sensation comes from your nervous system. Your mind thinks about that pain and can magnify it. Thinking brings up emotions – fear, anxiety and even anger. It's a vicious circle: worrying about chronic pain can create chronic illness. But it doesn't have to be like this.

This is where Mindful Medicine comes in. Using a proven, effective model, we focus on you, not your condition. We'll recommend a mindfulness education programme that will help you regain wellbeing; you'll understand that you are not your pain. Using mindfulness to lower your stress levels and raise your mood, you'll find your physical and emotional pain will take a back seat.

Every patient adds to our knowledge and understanding of neuroscience. We see people go from being deeply depressed, lacking in confidence and fearful of the future, to brimming with self esteem, managing pain and living full lives, unafraid.

What is the BPS model?

BPS stands for biopsychosocial, an approach to care that considers your whole person, not just your disease. BPS forms a core part of Mindful Medicine's approach, and helps us look at all the causes of your symptoms.

Most healthcare professionals don't understand the BPS model. Unless your clinician asks the right questions, and really listens you, the answers may not be what you need. If all you are given is painkillers, you'll alleviate the physical symptoms without managing the social or psychological aspects.

When you're threatened by pain, your body, mind, immune and hormonal systems all react to the 'emergency' – this is the BPS process at work. For serious illness or injury, this is a survival mechanism. However, without any obvious cause of the pain, you can be disabled or chronically ill if other factors are ignored.

Right now there is an epidemic of chronic illness around the world. It's time to take control of your own well being, and the BPS model is a good place to start.

Decide you are worth it

It's not easy being mindful – it takes courage and commitment. You'll have days or weeks when you just can't be bothered. This is your mind working against you.

Tap into Mindful Medicine's wealth of scientific knowledge and follow along at your own pace. Allow yourself the time and space to learn and practice mindfulness, and you can't help but feel better.

That's what Mindful Medicine can do for you, so contact us today.