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Corporate Mindfulness

The use of mindfulness in the corporate world is growing rapidly, with major corporations such as Google, Intel, KPMG, General Mills, Aetna Insurance and others recognising the potential of introducing the practice. The utility of mindfulness (mental training practice) can justified from both management and employee perspectives.

In management, mindfulness practice is associated with:

At first glance compassion, and in particular self-compassion may seem an odd 'fit' for the business world. Self-compassion is really just accepting that we all make mistakes from time to time, and not beating ourselves up or ruminating about it which has the effect of uprating our stress response. This may lead to compounding the issue as we drop into a reactive rather than responsive mode of mind impacting negatively on our decisions

The introduction of mindfulness practices has also been shown to:

Recent surveys in the USA also indicate high levels of employee disengagement at work and mindfulness has been demonstrated to significantly improve employee engagement.

So the introduction of a mindfulness program specifically tailored to the need of the company can be a cost effective way of impacting significantly on a range of outcomes .Programs include management retreats, day workshops and the full mindfulness mental skills training program consisting of 22 hours of training delivered over a number of weeks. Training can take place in house or via video conferencing to remote locations.