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Mindfulness makes healthier, happier people

How would mindfulness work for you? Read how we've helped others regain control of their lives, and then get in touch.

A life turnaround for James

After suffering a head injury and concussion, James was just not right. He couldn't concentrate, developed a tic and had trouble with his eyesight. He was confused and afraid, over-reacted to situations, and finally gave up trying. He isolated himself from his family and his life, and the only advice his school and his doctors could offer was "Give him time."

After working with Dr. Nick Penney and completing a mindfulness course, James says he has his life back. He can manage his feelings – he's patient, confident, focused and inspired. He's fully engaged with his family again, and no longer feels threatened by the abilities of his younger siblings.

At school James' grades have improved, and he doesn't let fear stop him from trying new things. He's up for a challenge, sets his own goals and works hard to achieve them. He can control himself emotionally, mentally, physically and socially.

Nick has helped James reawaken, and reconnect with life. James now has the tools to cope with anything life throws at him. James' family is so thankful!

Jocelyn's mindful joy

Jocelyn endured severe pelvic pain, back pain, poor sleep, chronic fatigue and headaches for 20 years. At first put down to 'period pain', she was finally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and stage 4 endometriosis. After four miscarriages, she and her husband were ready to try IVF.

Jocelyn also signed up for one of Dr. Nick Penney's mindfulness stress reduction courses, where he helped her deal with her fear of pain and the threat of the 'big-label' diagnosis. Jocelyn learned to see that life could improve, starting with exercises to help her sleep better.

"He also talked to my GP about my medication," says Jocelyn. "I started his course in July, and by that Christmas I was almost pain-free – I enjoyed myself for the first time in years."

By the next year Jocelyn was off all medication and pain-free, still doing her mindfulness exercises, and overjoyed when her IVF treatment was successful.

"I've tried many medical and alternative treatments over the years, and the only thing that really works is mindfulness," she says. "I believe my success has come from changing my relationship with pain. It doesn't have a scary label; it's just pain. Through mindfulness practice, my mind now sings a new tune. It's been life-changing in so many ways, and I am eternally grateful to Dr. Penney for opening my mind to what was possible."

Cancer support for Sandra

Some years ago Sandra came to Dr Nick Penney complaining of neck pain and headaches. His biopsychosocial (BPS) method of listening uncovered her perfectionist nature that was aggravating her anxiety – and certainly contributing to her headaches.

Perfectionists can be hardest on themselves, but an ongoing mindfulness routine helped Sandra through the tension.

Because of that successful treatment, Sandra turned to Dr Penney again when she was diagnosed with cancer.

"I knew I needed his intuitive compassion more than ever," she says. "Without his mindfulness teaching, I could never have stuck with that high-dose course of chemo. I had insomnia, anxiety, panic attacks – all of it."

Dr Penney guided her through a personalised programme of mindfulness cancer recovery. Sandra relaxed, slept better and tolerated the side effects of chemo better. Some symptoms disappeared, and she will be forever grateful.

"Dr. Penney is kind and generous, gifted and humble," Sandra declares. "He's my 'mindfulness guru' and I'd recommend him to anyone going through pain or trauma like cancer."

Sarah controls her pain

SAPHO syndrome – overgrowth and inflammation of the bones – caused Sarah intense pain, in spite of the medication her rheumatologist prescribed. When she came to Mindful Medicine for help, Dr Nick Penney began by approaching the pain differently.

Instead of trying to get away from it, Nick helped Sarah work with the pain so she could stop fearing it. That knowledge helped reduce her fear and the grip her pain held.

Relaxation and mindfulness exercises followed. In a few months Sarah's quality of life had improved so much that when her medication was stopped and changed she coped so well that her rheumatologist couldn't believe it.

"I still use all the skills Dr Penney taught me," Sarah says. "Not every day, but I am always mindful of being mindful!"

Sarah finds that even just moments of mindfulness can have long lasting effect. She still needs medication, but dealing successfully with the pain is more about the way she's thinking.

"I know not to fight the pain; I don't ignore or resent it – they're natural reactions but just not healthy in the long run. The skills and ideas from Dr. Penney have had a huge impact on my life – I can use them anywhere, anytime – and for that I can't thank him enough."

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