mindful pain management

Personally Guided Recovery from Ongoing Pain

Cost: $950

This is the mindful recovery from ongoing paincourse combined with personal guidance from Dr Nick. This allows us to 'customise' the course to your own individual requirements and allows you 2 hours of personal coaching from Dr Nick on Skype or face time.

Pain is much more than just a sensation. In the short term pain is there to protect us, but after 3 months or so it stops serving any protective purpose. Ongoing pain drags on our physical and emotional wellbeing, it is stressful, disabling, frustrating and worrying.

Investigations and treatments are often still aimed at trying to identify and 'fix' the site of the pain and we can end up in a never-ending cycle causing yet more stress! No wonder so many people give up! and become stuck with their pain and the belief that there is nothing else to be done.

Well there is! So don't give up hope, stay open to the possibilities that things can and will change, as best you can.

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